Acceptance by you when ordering any advertising package from PEBS GROUP PTY. LTD. ACN: 610 966 071 trading as Rainbow Flag Australia

Thank you for shopping at Rainbow Flag Australia.

When purchasing any advert from us you will be sent a confirmation of booking/invoice this is with all orders whether placed online, via telephone or email you understand that you will not receive your order instantly. This is because we will go and create a design for your business which is unique for each client and after putting together the creative we will create the design proof. There is no additional cost for our design team to put together the creative. In addition to promote your business online we will also create your online listing.

When completing your purchase you have agreed to the terms and conditions that states your understanding of the process.

We issue refunds according to our returns and refunds policy below.

We do not have a change of mind policy. In the event you wish to withdraw your advertising, there will be a few factors to consider; when did you make the booking, has the design proof been created, have your listings gone online, has the campaign started, have you already received artwork, the time spent created the digital listings and have hard copies been printed.


Upon successful payment (when the funds have cleared/settled into our account) of any advertising package purchased and you have not stated that you are supplying the artwork, we will design and create artwork for your business within 14 business days from when you place an order (online, email or over the telephone). Payments made by credit card (Stripe) will take a minimum of 2 working days. Please note that sometimes due to public holidays, banking holidays and weekends, this may vary the time by up to 5 days depending on these factors. Please take this into consideration.

When purchasing any advert from our company, and unless stated otherwise that you are supplying the design team with the artwork or with specific content you would like included, our design team will communicate with you via email and it is your responsibility to ensure that your email filters will accept emails from our design team via the email address design AT, admin AT or pride AT In the event your filters mark our email as spam or junk mail, this is still considered as us delivering the artwork/design proof to you.

Any claims made for product not received will not be accepted if we have sent the artwork and can prove this within the allocated time and by agreeing to the terms and conditions when placing your order either online or by means of email confirmation or telephone you have agreed to ensure you mark our email addresses as safe, or regularly check your spam and junk mail folders or change the filters on your incoming emails. Any emails sent by us, and not received by you is something we cannot control, only you (the customer) can control. In the event you claim artwork has not been received and that we can provide documentation showing proof of delivery of artwork to a specific email account, any claims for product not received will not be accepted and understand that a copy of our terms and conditions have been agreed to by yourself (the customer) when placing your order, and understand that by agreeing to the terms and conditions you take full responsibility to your email accounts and any settings that may interfere with email communication, and this is the sole responsibility of the customer and is not controlled by us (Rainbow Flag Australia).  We cannot be held responsible or be made accountable for email settings on your end (customers email settings and filters). As your email settings and server settings for receiving mail can only be be controlled by you and your website and email providers.

We do not offer any guarantees in regards to the quantity of leads or enquiries you will receive, the sales you will make or any specific dollar figure or percentage you will make during the advertising campaign. There are a number of contributing factors that are out of our control, and often comes down to the individuals businesses business models if they are going to be successful. They include there location, ease of contact, quality of products, pricing, reputation, availability, time in business, trading terms and many other factors, and so its for these reasons also we can never a specific number of leads or enquiries, emails, phone calls, hits to your website, guarantee any sales or the amounts of sales and we should not be looked at as your only avenue of generating new business to our advertisers. If you cannot afford to be in the situation that you don’t make any sales or generate any new enquiries from advertising from us, we urge that you don’t start a campaign with us until you are prepared for the worst case scenario.

We have a minimum cancellation fee of $1795+GST regardless of when you cancel your campaign. Cancellation fees can range up to $48,995+GST depending on the situation. In the event the campaign has already begun, you can withdraw your advert either online, and if possible from the print edition, however there will be no refund of any payment made.

If you have an issue with any artwork we have produced for you, we ask you to contact us within 3 days after receiving the design proof. We will not charge you for any changes, and we will work with you until you are satisfied. If you come back after a fair and reasonable period of time, and want the artwork changed, we reserve the right of charging a design and artwork fee of up to $495+GST.

In the event artwork is requested before payment, we will work with you until you are satisfied. Once artwork has commenced, in the event we do not receive any changes from you within 7 days, we will assume you are satisfied with the artwork. The responsibility is on you once the artwork is presented to you that you communicate with our designers and ensure all changes are completed. We do not offer a change of mind in the situation that the artwork has been sent through and then you do not sent any artwork changes. At the point of 14 days after the artwork has been delivered and no change has been received, you may be charged a fee for changing your design proof. Management reserves the right to waive part of these fees or in full at their discretion. If you would like to cancel your advertising at this point a minimum artwork/design proof cost will be payable at a minimum of $1795+GST.

We reserve the right to recover any monies from you for costs in the creation of your advertisements, including your website listings.

This will be looked at in a case by case scenario, and management has the right to waive or enforce any such fees.


When we put together your online campaign we will generally use information from your website, Facebook pages and other online profiles that can be found online. We will try our best to make this information unique and electronic I’ll keep inline with what is currently out on the Internet.

You are welcome to supply your own content, but if you supply the content we can no longer offer any guarantee with relation to the results in our websites that are part of the Rainbow Flag group of websites.

We have a specific formula to ensure we deliver results in our online directories. If by the request of the customer, you request something outside our normal listing practices (our listing template), we can no longer ensure the results for your desired search phrases. This means we will not be held liable for clients results this point. We will still do our best to obtain the best possible results however as it’s against our normal listing practices this is not something you can account us liable for any loss of business, enquires or lost revenue.

This will be made clear to you if you request such change.
By making any changes outside of our standard listing template you waive all rights in relation of your online search campaign which includes the additional tags and categories you may be found under.

If you have any questions about our Returns and Refunds Policy, please contact us:

By email: operations AT

We reserve the right to change or amend the refund policy at any point without notice.